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Moules Mariniers with Toasted Baguette and Mayonnaise

1 lb uncooked live mussels (make sure they are kept cool but not frozen and do not cut off their air supply)
2 pats of butter, unsalted
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 cup dry white wine (such as a white Bordeaux or sauvignon blanc - always use the wine you will drink with the meal)
2 tbsp. chopped Italian parsley
1 cup homemade mayonnaise or store-bought aioli (with garlic and saffron added to taste)
baguette, sliced in chunks for mopping up broth
2 Tbsp. salt
2 Tbsp. freshly cracked black pepper

There are very few things that are more enjoyable that sitting outside in the sun as the weather becomes warmer with a huge bowl of mussels and a huge glass of a crisp white Bordeaux. This recipe is easy as pie. You can even start drinking before you make it - my favorite pasttime!

Wash the mussels thoroughly and scrape away beards (you will need a drink for this - nasty!) In a large pan with a cover, add the mussels, butter, onion, wine, and bit of the parsley and turn the burner heat on high. Turn the mussels over a few times as they open. (This really does not take long, maybe 2 minutes). When they are all open remove them from the heat and divide amongst 4 wide soup plates and drizzle pan juices over mussels. (Tip: hold back pouring the last Tbsp. as it may contain "grit.") Toss rest of parsley over shellfish and serve.

Serve Mussels in large, shallow soup bowls sprinkle with parsley and juices. Slice baguette into 1-2 inch wide chunks and place bread basket in center of table to be passed along with a little pot of enhanced mayonnaise.

There is no better complement to the briny, meaty flavor of shellfish and butter than a mineral-rich, lemony crisp White Bordeaux served chilled and served in the hot afternoon sun!

Recipe created and submitted by Holley Browning.
Adapted from Rick Stein's,"Taste of the Sea"

Recipe created and submitted by Holley Browning.